Thursday, December 01, 2005

We Should Make an Academic Meme!

For this time of the semester, the obvious academic Meme would be:

What do you do to avoid grading?

Clean. Read other stuff (cereal boxes are more interesting than some student essays, alas). Play on my blog. Look longingly at certain TV shows.


  1. I know I already kind of posted about this, but I can't resist:

    - examine bellybutton lint
    - groom my cuticles
    - curse the cats
    - play with the cats
    - write notes to myself about all the brilliant pedagogical ideas I have for next semester's classes (never this semester's classes, mind you)
    - too many other things to list!

  2. anti-grading strategies

    - bouts of competitive drinking
    - allowing the parrots to "help"
    - reading books or magazines or newspapers or even toilet paper and tea leaves
    - writing my syllabus for next semester's class
    - play computer games ("i'll start grading after just one more!")


  3. Oh, I'm jealous of you two!

    Cats! Parrots! (What kind? I used to have a small conure in another life. What a great personality!)

    What computer games, GrrlScientist?

    I, too, have noticed that it's LOTS easier to think about syllabi far in the future...