Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some fun blog reading

New Kid on the Hallway's done a great job posting Teaching Carnival IV. NK was kind enough to include me, and I'm honored!

For Science geeks (or wannabes /sigh), Tangled Bank #43 is up, too, over at Rural Rambles. Among the most interesting posts, there's one for the more humanist types, on menstruation over at Philobiblon (a title I'm truly jealous of!). (Menstruation: A Cultural History, edited by Andrew Shail and Gillian Howie, is winging its way to my house even now!)

In the fun holiday reading department, the surprisingly noir Intueri seems to have put together some medbloggers for some fictionalizing fun. Each of them starts with the same Intueri provided opening, and then finishes a story in 999 words or fewer. Here's the link to Intueri's story, where you'll also find links to the others. Fun reading.

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