Saturday, December 31, 2005

Road Warrior...

I'm at my third stop on the road trip, several good driving days from the NorthWoods, and having a GREAT time.

I had high expectations for my trip, but so far, my expectations are far exceeded. Right now, I'm visiting friends from another internet life, and I have to admit, it's odd in some ways. You know someone through the internet, and you imagine them in all sorts of ways, and then you go hang out with them, and they're not at all what you've imagined, and at the same time, very much what you've imagined.

I have noticed that my very typical Northwoodsian car is far less common around here. My Flying Spaghetti Monster sticker on the back of the car (opposite the Darwin sticker) got a second look at the gas station.

I had a weird urge to test my assumptions about attitudes towards emergency contraception by going into urgent care centers all along the way, telling them that I needed some, and paying cash for the care/prescription/whatever. I try not to act on ALL my weird urges, to be honest, really I do. I wonder if I could get arrested or something for falsely seeking emergency contraception? What about giving a false name at a medical facility?

I haven't been arrested. So far.

I hope everyone in the blogosphere has the best New Year possible, and that we all find our way toward peace together.


  1. Happy New Year, Bard! I hope you have a fender-bender free road trip (unlike me and Homey, who scraped somebody in Buffalo! But if you are going to have an accident, this is the one to have!)

  2. Safe travels and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Bardiac.