Thursday, August 28, 2014

Repetitively Repeating

I went to a meeting of an administrative unit I'm part of on Tuesday afternoon.  There's a new administrator administrating, and to give hir the benefit of the doubt, I went.  The administrator talked for, say, 40 minutes.

Then there was a "retreat" of the same administrative unit today.  And the administrator spoke for about 40 minutes, and pretty much said exactly the same things zie had said on Tuesday. 

Why, for the love of whatever you consider holy, why?  It wasn't that exciting the first time around, but it was irritating as all get out the second time.

There were also other things said.  Did you know that advising is important, and connected to retention?  After hearing about that for half an hour, I still don't know anything about doing better advising.

Why is it that people who I'm certain are fine teachers are deadly dull giving presentations at these retreat things?  (But I'm sure a number of them are aiming towards administrative positions, so they're practicing to compete with our new administrator for deadly dullness.)

I'm so sick of people talking at me.


  1. Oh, and let me guess -- did the person also lecture you about how lecturing is really, really ineffective? /headdesk. That's what usually happens at HU.

  2. I hope you had your Buzzword Bingo card ready!