Monday, August 25, 2014

Hamster Wheel

Today felt like I was just running and running in place.

At about 8am, I started in on a project, which absolutely has to be done tomorrow.

I started in, and then a colleague stopped by and chatted about some concerns.

And then I restarted, and another colleague stopped by to talk about something for tomorrow, and promised to send an email about 3pm.

Then I restarted, and another colleague stopped by to chat about some concerns.  I invited the colleague to go out to lunch (it so happened that I had a couple of free meals from customer cards because I buy food at this place often).

I got back, restarted, and then a student came in semi-panicked.  So we figured hir stuff out.

And then I restarted.

Then I got the promised email, and thought, oh, it's after 3pm!  I should check the time!

So I did, and realized it was after 4:30, and I was supposed to be at a meeting at 4.  Oops.  I went over, and went in, because the meeting was going long.  I was able to get the handouts and apologized to the deanling (it was sincere, because this is a good, helpful deanling).

I finished most of the project before I left.  I still have to make a bunch of special copies, but it shouldn't take too long in the morning.

Hamster wheel, I tell you!


  1. I love my colleagues but, man, I understand how a day can be completely blown by important and sincere chats with colleagues (and students). It's really hard to keep your momentum going when that hamster wheel is in full gear. Congrats on getting so much done despite the craziness.

  2. This is, like, every day at HU. No wonder I can't get anything done when I'm in the office. Sorry you had a hamster-wheel day.