Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Calendar

I love getting a new calendar (I use academic year calendars) and putting in all the important dates and stuff.  It just feels so hopeful somehow.

My garden this year feels hopeful, too.

As a reminder, this is how it looked on June 2nd.

And this is how it looked on July 1st.

And this is how it looks today, July 22nd.

(I've eaten, frozen, and shared a lot of kale, and also lots of yellow squash.)
And look, there's a pumpkin starting!

I think my relative inexperience with gardening really shows.  I planted WAY too much in there.  I somehow didn't realize how huge the squash would get, and how much squash they'd produce.  And the pumpkin!  I didn't realize it would escape and go all over the place.  Still, it's really fun, and the food is good, and it's nice to share.


  1. It does look hopeful, and productive.

    A veggie garden is a good place to make the planting too much, too closely, mistake. Most things will probably survive anyway, and you get to start with a clean slate the next year. It's much more frustrating (and expensive) to make (or allow a supposedly-professional garden "designer" affiliated with a nursery to make) the same mistake with trees, shrubs, and/or perennials.

  2. A vegetable garden is something I really want but don't have consistent time for. Same with chickens. I really want chickens for eggs, but I don't have time to take care of them. Sad, but I know my limits. Your garden looks amazing!

  3. Yay for hopeful calendars and gardens!

  4. What a healthy looking garden! I always plant too close together, on the theory that it makes it harder for weeds to get a foothold!