Thursday, April 05, 2012


I'm packing to go to SAA tomorrow. It's the first really short weekend packing I've done since I was in England going away most weekends, and it's weird.

For one thing, I have to be at the shuttle pick up at the rather brutal hour of 4am, so I have to leave home by 3:30. So I'm heading to bed shortly to try to sleep some.

I usually enjoy SAA, and I'm sure I will once I'm there, but I'm just tird now and not feeling the joy much, except when I think about getting together with a friend from grad school, one of those really good, really special people I don't get to see very often.

Let's compare:

England: Get a taxi or take the shuttle to the train, take the train for 2-3 hours, be somewhere great!

Here: Drive to the shuttle, take the shuttle for an hour and a half to an airport, get on a plane for a while to a stopover place, get on another plane for a longer while, be somewhere great! But not somewhere with a shambles, castle, Roman ruins, or really dead folks to visit.

Okay, time for bed, and then jetting off to a conference!

ps. I rode my bike today, and went up a hill that's about a mile and not too hard, and it was so good (not fast, mind, but good).

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