Monday, April 02, 2012

Local Elections

There's an election tomorrow; for me, there's a county supervisor seat and school board seats to decide about. And there are clear splits between candidates.

The school board part is fairly easy to find information about. But the county supervisor part isn't. I went to the county site, and tried to figure out who my representative is. Finally, I found a map of the area split into supervisor districts, and made it big enough to find my street (which is near an edge). Then it was a matter of figuring out who the supervisor for the district is. But then there's the redistricting question, and I can't quite figure it out. It looks like the person who's my current supervisor has been redistricted into another area. But the newspaper doesn't say anything about my district as it shows on the current map.

So, is the current map the map that the election uses, or does the election use a new map that I can't find?

It really shouldn't take this much work to figure out a basic local election.

When I look at the pictures of the local supervisors, I have to say, the pictures mostly aren't flattering. I recognized a couple of the people I know around town, which was sort of cool in that small community way. But I didn't recognize the person supposedly representing my district.

(Now ask me how much time I spent looking at the satelite view of my community spaces! A lot.)

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