Thursday, June 05, 2008

I came home to ...

This! (Hawthorne tree blooming!)

Dogwood in bloom.

Bleeding Heart, too!

Yellow German Bearded Irises (well, something like that)

And a single purple Bearded Iris! There are bunches almost ready to bloom, too. And the Siberian Iris is full of almost flowers!

It looks like spring in my yard, and it's nice to be home! I've lived in my house about 4 years now, and put a fair bit of energy into planting trees, bushes, and flowers. And this year, they're really looking like they've settled in much more.


  1. Your irises are lovely! What a nice welcome home for you.

  2. Welcome Home!! What a wonderful yard to come home to.

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. welcome! and your bike is ready too?

  4. Welcome home! Lovely irises--I can tell you're north of me as mine faded a few weeks back. nice to see yours in bloom.

  5. welcome home--and thanks for posting the flower pictures, they're lovely!

  6. Welcome home! Yes,it takes 3 or 4 years for things to look "at home"! These look not only at home, but lovely.

  7. K, Indeed :) Thanks.

    Inside, Thanks :)

    Timna, My bike was waiting, upside down, clean and just in need of a quick chain wipe with lube!

    Susan, Thanks! Yes, I came home with GREAT timing for the irises!

    Sarah Sometimes, Thanks :)

    Susan, Thanks :) You're right about the 3-4 years. It's amazing how they suddenly look like they're at home again.

  8. What beautiful flowers!! I hope my irises grow up to look like that.