Monday, December 17, 2007

Must Grade

In grading jail here, alternating between hope and despair, between papers that make me think and smile, and those that make me wonder. Even at best, grading requires good concentration and attention for extended periods of time.

It would be easier if I didn't have to write responses and all, but responses are the point, after all, so I'm doing my best. It's a struggle, always something difficult.

I've done tons better this semester than most at returning papers in a timely manner. If I can just concentrate through the end of the week. Concentrate!

I wish I could go back to those old word problems from grade school: If Bardiac got in her car, and drove south at an average of 65 miles an hour, how many tanks of gas would it take before she was warm? (Alas, I'd have to travel through the ice storm zone. /shudder)

If Bardiac drove south, how many days would it take before anyone noticed she was missing?

Must. Grade.

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