Saturday, December 01, 2007


A group of my friends and I signed up to cook at the local "soup kitchen" today. On Saturdays, they do a single brunch meal, so we started in the morning and finished up in the early afternoon.

When I got there, it wasn't snowing, but it started not long after, as we could tell when people came in shaking snow off their coats.

We didn't have many "customers" today, but most folks had at least two servings, and they said the food was really good, so I hope it fills them up. I was surprised that few children came today; I wonder if a lot of people decide to stay home when it's so snowy and cold, rather than try to bundle up their kids, walk or bus a ways across town (the kitchen is near the center of town, but it's a pretty spread out town). We served 90 some serviings, but I'm not sure if that's counting seconds (and thirds) or not. Still, that's a lot of people who are hungry enough to come out on a snowy, cold day for a meal.

Driving home was slow; I'm not confident about driving in snow, so I try to compensate by giving myself reaction time. But I was glad to get home and have myself a hot cup of tea! I'm going to layer up and go dig out a layer before long. Brrr.


  1. We have freezing rain, coating the snow with a half-inch layer of ice.

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    brrrr...Now I remember why I moved to AZ!

    btw, I just tagged you for the 7 Meme - see my blog at

  3. Winter hit last night here, also. It always takes me a few times to get used to driving on ice, so I drove home from work at 30 mph. I was relieved to see that I wasn't the only one, though.

    By the way, YAY! for your work at the soup kitchen. :)

  4. Coffee-drinking woman, I think we dodged the sleet and ice rain thing; our snow seems quite dry. (Because it's so bleeping cold!!!!!)

    Rebecca, thanks, I'll take a look when the grading slows down a bit.

    MWAK, People here seem pretty amazingly skilled at driving in snow and ice, way more skilled than I am. And thanks. :) We've only done it a few times so far, but we've got a good group and work well together and have fun at it.

  5. Hmm, I seem to have tagged you with the same meme as Rebecca. Take your time, though. :)

  6. Kermit, Look I did it :)

    Terminal Degree, You're always welcome to visit! I'll even gladly let you use my shovel. :)