Thursday, January 18, 2007


Working towards my goal to make life as miserable as possible for administrators, I asked one of our deans here a question, and then a follow up. I know, I'm a miserable tormentor.

By way of explaining, she gave me a rough number of how many of my college's students are on probation.

I'm stunned. Between 1-2% of our students are on probation right now. That seems like a huge number to me. I'm guessing it's probably not outrageously out of the ordinary, but still. WOW.

Learning something like that makes me aware of how little I know about the workings of some parts of the university.


  1. 1-2%? My first response was "that's all?" I'm at a large urban public institution and I'd expect that more like 3-4% (if not more) of our undergrad population is on academic probation at any given time. It's part of the nature of a basically open admissions institution.

  2. Good point. On rethinking, I realized that I may have underdone the math.

    The dean gave me the number of suspended students in our college this semester. But I used the number of students at the university in doing my little calculation. We have three other colleges here, so my estimate is a bit off. However, the other colleges are relatively small, and all students are in ours until and unless they get admitted to one of the specialized colleges (nursing, education, etc).