Friday, January 05, 2007


You know those numbers things that some magazines put up? I was thinking about those today.

2. The number of men who would have to take a nearly simultaneous retirement for a woman to become president of the US.

0. The likelihood of that happening without some outside "help."

13. The number of pounds I want to lose by summer (including the 3 I gained back over the holidays).

2. The average number of cups of really hot cocoa I want after a cold bike ride these days.

0. The number of pounds I will lose if I indulge in all that hot cocoa.

1500. The number of miles I hope to put on my bike computer this year.

50. The number of miles I've ridden so far, according to said computer.

3.3. The percent of my mileage goal I've completed so far this year. (doh, the line should be on top!)

100. The number of students signed up for my spring classes at this point.

7. The number of students I've declined to overload in the two "closed" classes so far.

That's it!

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