Sunday, August 20, 2006

Exceptin' Alice...

Humming the chorus quietly in the background, and thinking about that great line, "I got good and drunk the night before so I would look and feel my very best." That's just what I want to say sometimes.

Say, do you think I'd get in trouble for rabble-rousing if I played it for my Special Programs Class at our first meeting? I could, you know, start a movement! With four part harmony! And feeling!

And with stupid "don't ask, don't tell," it could still be effective.

Sometimes, I hate people. A lot of states have referenda coming up about amending their constitutions to define marriage as between a male and female. Northwoods does.

So, I'm steamed about that in general, but I'm most steamed about the ads AGAINST the referendum.

Why? I should be FOR these ads, supportive, happy! Stop the stupid law!

But here's the problem, at least here in Northwoods, the ads are all about how the law might cause problems for straight people who live together. The approach implies that it's not wrong to discriminate against gay and lesbian people, but that accidentally messing with straights, THAT'S BAD!

I want the ads to say: the proposed law is bad because we need to give all people opportunities to have a legally recognized relationship with the person they love so that they'll enjoy all the legal benefits of that relationship: inheritance, social security, hospital visitation, taxes, everything.

I want the ads to say: Straight marriage doesn't need to be defended from gays and lesbians. If your straight marriage has a problem, it's NOT a gay or lesbian problem.

So much for American Blind justice.

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