Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Crash and random

Thanks especially for the comments about my Didion post, folks.

I haven't been on for a couple days because the hard drive crashed on my home computer. Having read Didion so recently, I at least had the perspective to recognize that a computer crash doesn't quite constitute disaster, and after a quick conversation with Dell, a new hard drive was on its way, and arrived in record time. I've spent much of the afternoon installing stuff. But at least the basic drive is marvelously clean, right?

But I did lose some files, including some work stuff, which would be a pain to be without. (Usually when I work from home, I email myself the files, so mostly I don't lose stuff.)

And I lost my "favorites" list for the web. I'd been sort of meaning to clean it up, to try to spend a little less time reading blogs and such, but I really didn't want to lose that list!

I'm going to look for a company to try to salvage some of the info off the drive at least.

And I'm getting lots of dog therapy from a friend's dog who's visiting the BardiacShack for a week or so. I love dogs, and this one's minimal hassle, very friendly, easy to get along with. Poor guy, though! I don't mind a dog sleeping on my bed, but I squirm and turn without thinking about where they are. My old dog was a Lab, and could hold his own with whatever squirming I did, but my guest is small and tends to launch off the futon pretty much. OOPS!

He's fun, too. My neighbor has two large dogs, which my guest can sometimes see from my deck, and he's constantly offering to come over and beat them up. They haven't taken him up on the offer, YET!

Mostly he's very fun, even though he doesn't have the satisfying Lab obsession with retrieving toys for an hour into the local river.

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