Saturday, August 12, 2006

Alternative career options

I spent about 3 hours today washing dishes.

I still smell like braised chicken with a tomato-based sauce. And I will never again find braised chicken with a tomato-based sauce even remotely appetizing. (For reasons having to do with my undergraduate science background, I went through a long period where I really couldn't bear eating chicken except in chicken salad form, and I may be heading back. Unintended consequences.)

Still, if the Shakespeare and ed biz take a total dive... Dishes weren't nearly as fun.

And in other news, I finished listening to Riding in Cars with Boys last night, with much pleasure. What a fun, interesting, well-written book!

Random mini-rant: one of my advisees did a project spring semester for which she was supposed to write me an essay and come in to talk to me about her progress. She finally sent me the essay at the end of July. And yesterday, she sent me an email wondering why I haven't done the paperwork to show that she's finished the project. I need to get WAY more rigid about the ways I handle advising for such projects in the future. Period.

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