Sunday, January 02, 2022

Much Better

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Today was much better.  My Mom fed herself her meals, and ate them well.  (Yesterday she'd eat a few bites but not feed herself, and then fall asleep.)

She got out of bed, talked to my brother on the phone, and ate dinner in a chair.  And then was totally ready to sleep.

The doctor noticed the change, as did the nurses.  And me.

The one drug they think it might be was reduced today, and dosed tonight.  So we'll see how she is tomorrow.


  1. Just catching up on your last few posts now...glad things seem to be going a little better with your mother. It shouldn't take that much advocating! But I am glad you were there for it.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this.

  3. I'm glad---I was going to say that old people don't always respond to drugs precisely as docs expect, apart from individual reactions that can vary because people are individual! might be useful for looking up drugs and checking on side effects. I hope things continue to improve.

  4. Good news! I'm sure you're relieved.

  5. I'm just catching up with your mother's condition--so glad that she is doing better.