Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Keeping Books

As I noted before, I've become the treasurer for the union local at NWU.  We had a session where we went through things:  the state union draws money from peoples' accounts or credit card, and then sends us a check, and then we send the state union dues and then the national union sends us bills and we send them dues, and so on.  It's a bit complicated, but not impossibly complicated.

So yesterday, I had a block of time and started trying to figure things out.  After two or three hours, I was sort of at an impasse, and needed to get email information from people who had already gone home (quite reasonably), so I started back on it this morning.

In the process, I learned that the previous treasurer was, well, less well-organized than one might wish.  I found a check from 2016 that he hadn't cashed.  I can't find where he wrote a record of a check he wrote just before handing things over to me.  He didn't pay the state dues for November or December.

I'm pretty sure he didn't embezzle any money (there's not that much even if he'd wanted to), but things are a mess.

So today, I wrote a couple checks, sent some emails, and generally got things mostly organized.  The unrecorded check will show up soon in the on-line banking system, so I can get a record from there.

The on line banking at this local bank is a mess.  It took me far too long to be able to get into the account, and then it wanted a security question answer about what the previous person's favorite author is.  And, of course, the previous person didn't remember.  And then I somehow got around that and reset things.  (So I emailed the president, who also has banking access, the information in case I'm not available at some point.)

My goals for being treasurer are: not to mess things up, and to leave things so that the next person doesn't have to do any extra work to figure things out.

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