Thursday, February 01, 2018

Back to Beginning Book Four

Before I left last summer, I had my Suzuki Book 3 test, and started working on the first piece of Book 4.  But then I didn't practice while I was away, so since I've been back, I've been relearning, starting with Book 1, and then my Bowing book, and now my shifting book.  I still have to get my double stop book and fingering book into my practice routine.

Today I had a lesson, my second since coming back, since Strings was away for a bit, and I played the last piece in Book 3, got plenty of help, and then Strings said I could start back on Book 4!  So I'm almost caught up!

There's so much to work on, but I'm excited to start working on this new piece.

Tomorrow is Friday, and that will be one week of classes done.  I feel like things have been going well so far.

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