Monday, November 27, 2017

Three Days In Barcelona - #2: Park Guell, Joan Miro, and Parc Monjuic

 Pictures from a pretty much perfect day in Barcelona, 10 November 2017.  I started with a morning visit to Park Guell, where I had tickets to the Gaudi House Museum and a Park tour.  But my morning started off with an exciting look at lots of Monk Parakeets.  They're evidently introduced in Barcelona, and have a thriving population.

This is The Gaudi House Museum.  Beautiful!  I'm so in love with Gaudi!
 Walking along the grounds, there are causeways you can walk on or under.

 I saw my first Eurasian Hoopoe!  So very cool!
 The structure is the central plaza of Park Guell, which is a sort of structure with a gorgeous windy bench along the outside edge.  You can see the back of the bench here.
 Under and to one side of that structure.
 Under the structure;  I was on a tour, so went back after to take another picture.  This is a gorgeous gathering place.  The structure also gathered rain water.
 The famous salamander!  It's in front of the plaza structure.
  Another view of the salamander.
 A better view of the ceiling under the plaza structure.
 A bit of the bench area.
 And that was my morning visit to Park Guell.  Then I got on a bus and then took the metro to Parc Montjuico, and took a cable car thing up to the Fundacion Joan Miro.  Miro is both playful and sometimes disturbing.  Here's playful.
 This is a HUGE tapestry Miro designed for the space.  (I went to a Miro exhibit at the Tate Modern in 2011.  And blogged about it!)
 The cable car!
 Dramatic sky over Barcelona!
 Looking over to the Mediterranean from above the port.
So that was day two of my visit to Barcelona!

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