Monday, November 30, 2015

Back at It

There was a break.  Glorious break!

I went to visit my sibling's family.  After a three hour drive, I got there before half-time of the first game on Thanksgiving, and watched a bit of the game.  Then I borrowed a chair in the home office and graded.  I started with 23 papers to grade, and graded away because I wasn't interested in football, but the others either were watching football or doing other stuff off alone.

I graded through the second game.  And then we had dinner, and chatted together, and it was good food, good company, good conversation.

We cleared up.

The third game started, and I watched a bit, and then went to bed.


Day two, I got up, had some coffee.  Then I graded, because the others were either sleeping or doing their own thing.

I finished all my grading.  I'm that boring.  Or something.  But it was better than shopping or watching yet more football stuffs.  In the evening, I drove three hours to get home.

So, basically, I drove six hours for an hour meal and some conversation.  I could have graded at home, but I was MUCH more efficient when I was avoiding football.

I DID introduce my niece to Jane the Virgin, and we did chat, which was lovely.


And now we're back at it.  Papers are being written (I hope); endless questionnaires are being sent out (why, oh why, now?). 

My students have nothing, nothing at all to say about Persepolis.  Grrrr.

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  1. Nothing against your family, and I am sure you had a lovely time, but this (among other reasons!) is why I don't travel home to see my family more often, or at all.

    It's a ten hour drive, each way, and then when we get there, we're basically ignored, in favor of football games, or other sporting events, or reality TV shows, or, yes, so people can shop at Wal-Mart.

    (My grumbling. Sorry to put it on your blog!)