Friday, September 18, 2015

Delta State University

Many blog posts ago, there was a fine blogger who blogged about academic stuffs, and then, as happens, slowly stopped blogging.  But before this blogger disappeared, it happened that I met hir, and in fact, we had a mutual acquaintance, too.  We friended each other in the way that we folks with on-line friends do.

And so it happened that my first realization that something horrible was happening at Delta State University came through my friend saying that zie was on lockdown, but safe.  That prompted me to look at the news, and then I started following.

Things have been quiet in the blogosphere about Delta State, but in my little on-line world, things have been busy, with folks there and elsewhere writing on my friend's page, responding to hir posts, wishing hir and the school and community well.

I'm sad about Delta State; evidently the victim there was a fine person, a good colleague, a good teacher.  (I know less about the other victim.  And little about the murderer.)

What I'm reading in various places sounds confused and confusing, so I'm not going to comment much, except to say that early and partial explanations seem to be quite misleading here.

I do want to express my condolences to the community of Delta State University, and to the community of Cleveland, Mississippi. 

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  1. Yes, I thought of her immediately, too, though we're not in touch. It's funny how even a long-ago, pseudonymous acquaintance still makes an event like this feel much more urgent and personal.