Friday, October 24, 2014

Things That Make Me Wonder

First, how does the US have jurisdiction over murders that happened in Iraq or Afghanistan?

The Blackwater men were tried here, and now the news says the US is bringing a Russian national who fought with the Taliban for trial in the US.

I just don't understand.

Also, I don't understand someone coming back to the US after having worked with Ebola patients, and deciding to go ride the subway and go bowling and such.  Wouldn't you say to yourself, "well, self, I think I'll hang out in my apartment for three weeks, just to make sure, and contact the rest of the world via email and the internet.  And ask a friend to drop groceries by, but not come in."

It just seems like that would be common sense, doesn't it?  You don't think you'll get sick, and you sure hope you won't, but since it's a pretty serious disease, and since the subway has lots and lots of people, wouldn't you just think that staying to yourself for a couple weeks was do-able, and going bowling wasn't really necessary?

(I ask this as someone who always catches colds when I spend lots of time in subway systems.  And yes, I know it's a whole lot harder to spread Ebola than a cold, I think I'd manage to be that careful if I might be incubating Ebola.)

I'm thinking of applying for this special faculty position here.  I might be a stretch.  But again, I might not.  I need to talk to some folks.


  1. I had the same thought about the doctor who returned and then came down with the Ebola-related fever and got officially sick. Of all people, shouldn't he know about the incubation period for the disease? Wouldn't he quarantine himself just to be sure?

    And yes, talk to some folks!

  2. Faculty position--go for it!

  3. I have mixed feelings about the NYC doctor -- on the one hand I wonder if his actions were meant to be some sort of "look, it's actually kinda hard to get Ebola" statement. But given how the media's been fanning the "we're all gonna die!" flames, it does seem like the more prudent thing to do would be to self-quarantine. Also, it wonder if his actions are likely to feed a "we can't send anyone over to help because they'll bring it back!" mentality.