Friday, October 03, 2014

Some Weeks

I've been busy, but in good ways.

I'm caught up on grading, at least until Monday.  That's very good news for me.

I've gotten several pieces of good news lately, from good to stellar.  Among the good is my SAA seminar, which is very exciting.

I had a friend from grad school who's writing a lot on early modern lit and ecocriticism skype into my early modern class this week, and it was really good.  My friend was brilliant, and the students got to see someone who's really smart think things through and tease out ideas.  I hope they learned a lot.  They certainly seem to have enjoyed it.

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  1. Oo! I'd love to hear which SAA seminar you're in. One of my Shakespeare heroes is running mine. I am both over-the-moon excited and nail-biting nervous. It should be a good year, though!