Sunday, December 08, 2013


I had a long phone chat with a friend and former roommate from grad school this morning, and it was just great to talk.  We haven't much talked for years, not because we had a falling out or anything, but because other things happen, and we're both busy, and so on, but talking was great, and I hope we talk more sooner rather than later.

This roommate was one of the sanest, most common sense, down to earth people I knew in grad school.  She was really smart in all sorts of ways, but also really decent and thoughtful.

Of course, chatting with my former roommate also got me thinking about some other grad school folks, many of whom were (and are) wonderful in their own ways, but few of whom I have much contact with these days.

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  1. I love long phone chats, and I love stories of good phone chats, too! I think the longest I've gone without having a phone conversation with my best friend from my teaching days has been two months, meaning that we've had sustained conversations, cross-country, since... oh, wow... 2001.

    You hear so much today about how much people hate to use the phone, talk on the phone, etc., that I'm hesitant to call anyone because I don't want to be a bother (I am one of very few extroverts where I work, so by now I've started to internalize how bothersome I am). But I do love that I have a handful of old friends who are phone-conversations friends. I hope you'll have another good conversation soon!