Thursday, November 07, 2013

Scene from my Day

Scene:  Bardiac, sitting at a computer in the office, trying to get work done before a meeting starts.  The door is open.

Enter a student to the office door

Student:  Do I need a registration code?

Bardiac:  I don't know.

Student looks both befuddled and frustrated.

Bardiac:  How would I know?

Student:  (As if the thought has never occurred to him/her that s/he isn't the center of everyone's world.)  Ummmm, I don't know.

Bardiac:  Are you a first year student?

Student:  No.

Bardiac:  Are you a sophomore?

Student:  Yes.

Bardiac:  Then you probably need one.

Student:  Can you give me my registration code?

Bardiac looks confused (as usual).

Student:  (Making to walk into the office, before stopping at the withering stare.)  You're my advisor.

Bardiac:  Do you want to make an advising appointment?

Student:  Oh.  (Wait a beat or two.)  I guess so.

Bardiac:  My office hours are on the door, can you come then?  (Pointing to a big, colored display on the doorStudent looks confused.)  The office hours are in that pinkish color.  (Student points to each of the three hours separately, slow motion.)

Student:  Not this week.

Bardiac:  Monday?

Student:  I have class on Monday at [time].  I could usually come on Friday, but I have work this week at [time].

Bardiac:  How about 8 am.  Do you have something scheduled then?

Student:  No.

Bardiac:  So, how about 8 am on Friday?

Student:  Okay. (Starts to walk away.)

Bardiac:  Wait, what's your name?

Student:  [Name] (Gives name as if insulted, because how could anyone possibly not remember his/her wonderful special self.)

Exit Student, manet Bardiac.

Want to bet someone's going to hear from this student about what a horrible person I am, and how I didn't help him/her get the registration code the instant s/he wanted it, and I was just sitting there at the computer?


  1. Do you expect the student at 8 AM on Friday? Not sure that would happen with us!

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Definitely update. I want to know if this kid shows up!

  3. Anonymous6:17 AM

    With me they're always wanting me to do secretarial work, which would be fine if I were a secretary, and would be less annoying if they'd ask the male colleagues whose offices I am between instead. But they never do.

  4. The student came, and was advised. And I advised the student that saying "excuse me" when they were interrupting someone, and introducing themselves would be helpful.

    I think the student has sort of low social skills. The student also doesn't seem to think through other stuff really critically, which I suppose goes with the not thinking through social skills.