Sunday, November 17, 2013

Midwestern Tough

A couple of springs ago, I planted some violas in my yard for that annual flower happiness they bring.  But a year ago this spring, I got some marigolds and put them around, and this year I used the seedlings from those marigolds.
But this viola started up in a container with an artichoke, and thinking it was pretty, I didn't pull it.  And now, despite a few weeks of chilly mornings, it's still flowering.  After each hard night frost, I look out, and think, aw, it's dead now.  But then when I get back in the afternoon, it's back looking lively and flowery.  So I leave it.  But I haven't done anything to take care of it since the artichoke with it died some weeks ago now.  Still, it goes on, flowering like it means it.


  1. So that's a "viola"? I've heard you can't drown them or kill them in duels, either, so it stands to reason they would be tough...

  2. LOL, Fretful! You made me laugh!

  3. Made me laugh, too! It's nice to see flowers.