Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating on the Bike

I went for another 30 miler today, and it was way better.  I don't think I've gotten a bunch more fit in two days, though.  I think I ate better today, and that makes a lot of difference.

On Sunday, I didn't take any food, but ate a 100 calorie bag of sports beans.  Today, I took a 250 calorie sports bar thing.

I think I need to be a lot more thoughtful about eating on longer rides because it really does make a difference!

On today's ride, I saw a snake in the middle of the road.  It was maybe 2-3 feet long (it was curvy, and I didn't stop to look closely), and mostly brown.  I'm guessing maybe a hogsnake?


  1. Striking how we all differ. I generally don't eat if I'm going less than 40 miles, unless I'm hungry (or the ride's destination is a café, in which case eating is the point). Jennifer needs to eat if she does more than 20 miles, or she begins to slow down. Figure out what works for you, then stick with it--and don't eat any unusual foods for the first time if you're on a really long ride.

  2. you ate ... beans? Like a can of baked beans beans? I am confused.

  3. Sisyphus, you made me crack up. "Sports beans" is a brand of jelly bean with electrolytes sold to people like me. But I really like the idea of carrying a container of baked beans and a spoon!

  4. And Brian, you're so right! I think I'm learning that I'm fine for 20 or so miles, but if I'm going longer, I need to start eating a bit before 20 miles, say at mile 17 or so?

  5. This guy eats kale leaves on long rides. Not sure why....

  6. Hmm, Kale IS yummy, but I don't think it would be particularly easy to eat on a bike. (It looks like he thinks kale is a "superfood." I think chocolate is a superfood. If you looked at our pictures side by side, I think it would be obvious.)