Saturday, August 01, 2009

Reset Button

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find one. But I feel like I need to get restarted on things after a summer of not getting much done. I was getting things done while I was here after my ride in June, pretty well. But then July was a mess. (I only rode about 300 miles in July, after more than 500 in June.)

Now the summer camp is over, and my sibling's family dog is here for three or four weeks. I need to get back focused on getting some work done again.

It's 62F out, and that's just way too cold to count as summer. Logically, I know that heat is more dangerous than cold, usually, but there's something totally wrong about being so cold in summer that I'm wearing layers. (And yes, I've lived in a rain forest, and I was pretty comfortable and happy with the weather. It did rain a lot, though!)

I finished my birthday cake this morning after my sib's family left (they spent the night to drop off the dog), and what I'd really like to do is feel warm enough to go out and ride or even weed, but it's depressingly cold. (My apologies again to the thousands of people who would love to cool down to 62.)

A new month, and I really need to get moving, but all I want to do is curl up under a bunch of blankets with hot cocoa.


  1. Happy birthday? (am i early or late with this --- I can't tell.)

    I'd totally get you a reset button for your birthday, except, since I am probably even further behind with stuff than you, I would have to keep it for myself!

  2. Happy Birthday! Sorry to be late.

    If it makes you feel better by comparison, I have a little gym in my building and I haven't taken the elevator down to the climate-controlled, television-having work-out space in over a week. Because I have the lazy.

  3. I remember being completely surprised when, while hiking in the forest near Puyo, the skies opened and poured down rain. In the rainforest. I is dumb. And, happy birthday! When exactly is it?

  4. I mean, I was hiking. The skies were not hiking. The skies were raining. Oh, forget it!