Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I woke up yesterday grumpy, and I woke up again this morning even grumpier. I'm not usually a grumpy person, either. Not that I'm the most cheery in the world, but I'm more on the cheery than the grumpy side, mostly.

Is it: hungry (need protein?), thirsty, hormones, nasty wind, carryover from worrying about budget stuff (personally and professionally), worrying about grading I still have to do, winter blues?

I took care of some stuff today, and then, because it was nasty windy, in that gusty ucky way, not quite the Santa Anas (because not dry), but still, too windy to make riding fun, I decided to garden. Mostly this involved cleaning away dead stuff from last year, trimming some things, and filling in where rabbits have been digging (at least, I think it's rabbits).

Look what I found under one area of dead stuff! Irises! These are some split offs from the German Iris plants I bought when I moved into my first house here, and some friends came to help me get my garden going. In June, they get a deep dark purply-blue flower for about ten days. And that's that. But the foliage is nice for several months, too. And the rabbits don't seem interested, so WIN!

I detest whomever put river rock "mulch" throughout the front yard. It's a pain to weed around (and no, the plastic sheeting underneath doesn't keep the weeds out for very long) and worse to try to plant through.

And here's another shot of the crocuses, growing a little bigger each day.

I feel a lot better after gardening for a couple hours, a lot less grumpy.

I got a ceramic wren house from a local potter yesterday, when I went out galavanting with a friend for a couple house. I'm trying to think where to hang it. The trees I planted when I moved in aren't strong enough for it yet, I don't think, but I want it on the south side of the house (because there's a bird house on the north side, and a house, feeder, bat house and suet feeder in various places in back (the west). I'm wondering if I can hang it from the gutter without causing problems?

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