Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wake Up!

Last night, at some point, I decided that I'd sleep through the morning, through all my classes, just sleep. This is not my habit, but that's what I was thinking.

When I looked at the clock, it was 12:50. I cursed myself for sleeping through my classes, all morning. I cursed loudly and repeatedly. I lurched out of bed, angry at myself that I hadn't even had the courtesy to call my department and arrange to have someone put signs up so students wouldn't sit in classes endlessly waiting. Then I cursed myself some more.

Oddly, it was dark outside. Either there's a really bad storm, or the end of the sun has come.

Or, as it turned out, it's 12:50 AM, and I haven't actually slept through anything, not even the night. I had to walk around the house to make sure that it was actually dark out all the windows before I was finally convinced that indeed, it was very early morning and not actually some strange afternoon.

I must have been dreaming about sleeping through my classes, maybe trying to sleep through something, the neighbor's dogs barking, light from someone's headlights as they drove up the hill, something.

I do that waking up in the middle of the night and thinking it's day thing every once in a while. I've gotten as far as showering before realizing that it's dark out, on one occasion. Usually I figure things out before I'm that far along.

And when the alarm finally went off at a way more reasonable time, and I woke up, I was unusually happy that I hadn't missed my classes, that I would be on time and prepared for the day. Funny how thinking I've really messed up makes me extra happy when I realize I haven't.


  1. I hate dreams like those. I tend to get them when I have a lot going on and I just can't afford to miss classes.

  2. I had a dream that I overslept last night too! Only in my dream, I was at a hotel (that looked oddly like my dorm room in college) trying to stuff racks of my clothes in the back of my car. I kept looking at my watch thinking, "Class starts in half an hour...I won't have time to shower." Then, a little bit later, "Class starts in five minutes...I won't make it!" In the end, I asked a student who happened to be there to go to the class and tell her classmates that I would be there in an hour. I gave her extra credit for delivering the message.

    At least I don't have the dream (nightmare?) anymore that I'm standing in the middle of the classroom shouting because no one's listening to me. Ay me!

  3. I did that once when I arrived back at my Ancient Overseas University jetlagged. I woke up - wintertime - and my clock said something like 4:30. I had to get dressed and go cycle around town and realize shopkeepers were just getting ready for the farmers' market to open before I knew for sure that it was pre-dawn rather than dusk.

  4. I hate that it's dark now (7am). I think the daylight savings is affecting me all week.

  5. I've done that recently as well. I felt pretty silly and eventually had to turn on the TV to see the time on the TIVO guide function.

  6. That is the most disorienting experience ever. I haven't done it in a long time.