Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back Up?

I got emails recently from an organization called "backupyourbirthcontrol dot org" telling me that March 20th is "back up your birth control day." The email referred to the blog for choice effort, but didn't tie itself directly to that. For all I know, the organization's totally legitimate. But for all I know, it's not.

I'm all for people using whatever birth control they find helpful and effective, and for backing it up. I'm happy that emergency contraception is available over the counter. I'd like to see better birth control and sexuality education in schools, and even wider availability. Yes, I even asked my local pharmacy if they have Plan B, and they do, and offered to sell me some. But I was just making sure they had it.

What seemed weird about this effort, though, is that it's focused on only Plan B as the back up, and even say basically to ask for it by name, to paraphrase the old ads.

So that makes me wonder if this organization isn't some sort of sub rosa advertising strategy. If it is, maybe it's brilliant. Or not. I haven't seen people blogging wildly about backing up stuffs, but I haven't read a bunch today because I was on the road.

I should start a super secret blog virus ad campaign... read a Shakespeare sonnet, fight for social justice! End sexism and racism! Except, yeah, not like anyone's going to be convinced.

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