Monday, September 25, 2006

Another Monday, Monday, Monday!

It's Monday, and already "that" time. Yes, still September, but I'm getting emails from students who are too sick to come to class. Now, normally, I figure so long as they get notes from someone, they're adults and they decide. But today was peer editing day, which means I have to arrange with three other students to contact that student, email essays, and so on. It happens pretty much every time, and it gets tiresome. And I don't know how to make it easier on me or them and still do the meaningful work peer editing can do. Grrr.

I accomplished a really good bit of work this weekend, and finished two painful committee tasks today (which aren't actually DUE until next week!). Totally unrelated to each other. Sometimes, I feel I'm driven in too many directions all at once: three classes (two new), four committees, one elected responsibility, advising, mentoring, researching, and more. But today, for the first time this semester, I feel like the week is under control, pretty much, like I can accomplish what I need to accomplish this week.

Time to actually make that happen and get on with the reading!

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