Friday, May 12, 2006


I wasn't going to post anything today because of the picnic that's not a picnic after all, but I have a few minutes, and I'm going to share the scariest thing I've heard all semester (well, the scariest thing that doesn't come out of anyone in national politics. Those things are too scary for even ME to repeat!)

From a student: "When I try to focus, I can't think."

Said with a smile, all happiness. This student wants to be a nurse.


  1. With a minor revision, I'd say the same myself:
    "When I'm trying to focus, I can't think." That implies that at that time I am not focused and, therefore, not possessed of productive thought. NB: this would be uttered beneath my breath in a mindless committee meeting, &c.

    Both versions scare me.

    Although, I'm not a nurse, so the student's is scarier. Kinda funy, too.


  2. How did the picnic go/