Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fifteen Thousand

According to my Site Meter thing (down at the bottom), sometime today (assuming an average number of visitors), I should have visitor 15,000.

Except that until I figured out how to get email alerts about responses, I pretty much visited my own blog every fifteen minutes during the day, except when I was actually in class and such.

So, it's a number, but it doesn't mean all that much. And in the grand scheme of things, it means even less.

Still, if you happen to notice that you're number 15,000, congratulations! You win!!! (Something grand, like your own personal choice of a Shakespearean sonnet post or something equally thrilling!)

If you happen to notice, let me know who you are.

And thanks to all the fine readers out there who've shared even a little time with me. I'm enjoying myself, enjoying reading other blogs, and especially grateful for the many people who've answered lots of questions for me and shared ideas.

(But seriously, if you're here to get ideas for your Shakespeare or other class paper, don't forget to cite me!)


  1. I'm 14,996. So close, yet so far.

  2. I just missed it. I'm 15,003. Darn.

  3. 15,111 here.

    The geek-instructor in me just can't help itself...

    If you wish to exclude yourself from the count: click the "Manager" link in the green row toward the top.

    ?You will see an option for Ignore Visits (in the left frame). If you select that link, there will be a big, long button to select to ignore the computer from which you are accessing (it blocks the specific IP address of your computer). Or if you know an IP you wish to not count, there is an option for that as well.

    There is also an option in the left frame for "Stats-by-email" through which you can define the time (one a month, week, daily, etc.) which the site will e-mail its traffic data to you. I find that kind of fun.

    Finally, from the home/general page, once you log-in, you can see each individual log-in information: the ISP, the type of computer, version of browser...etc...all sorts of geeky info, which I haven't found a use for but like to look at.

    There is also a "By world map" function which locates the visiters on a world map. I like that as well.

    Happy geeking.

  4. Thanks, gang.

    Ooo, cool geek stuff, thanks!