Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Viva la differance!

The difference between a stack of 20 and a stack of 30 assignments from my first year writing class lies in how appealing the bottle of bourbon on the shelf at home seems in my imagination as I sit in my office reading.

At least these are just quickie diagnostics. I'm not grading them, just making some friendly comments and noting anyone I need to point in the direction of some kind of help with disability or writing or language.

Just so you're clear, the fact that I'm THINKING about how appealing that bourbon is means I have 30 students in my first year writing class this semester. Thirty.

So far, the diagnostics aren't bad.

AND, Chaucer and Theory both went swimmingly today. Even if I've totally forgotten how to teach, at least a few of them remembered how to be students, and that makes all the difference. Thank goodness for real students with good questions!

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