Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Online discussion discussion

Over at Timna's place, there's an interesting discussion about facilitating on-line discussions for classes.

If you look at the comments, Deb has a great suggestion for sharing student work through on-line programs. I find it really hard to share student work in the classroom (except in my grad class) because classes are fairly large and time is always short. But this seems like a great idea; students could see models of good work, and also have a sense of accomplishment when their work is posted for others.

This kind of discussion is one of the best things I've seen about academic blogging.

I'm hoping Another Damned Medievalist will share some rubrics and guidelines now, too!


  1. Thank you, Bardiac--that's so nice of you.

    I liked *your* contributions to Timna's post too, by the way.

  2. thanks, Bardiac!
    sometimes I feel like I just call out questions and the answers come forth from the bloggers!