Sunday, October 31, 2021

From Delagar: Do you know what your great-grandparents did?

Delagar found this on twitter, and I lifted it.

This is a hard one, isn't it?  I may have a bit of an advantage, because I knew several of my great-grandparents.

Dad's Side:

Grandfather: Steel work business, owner  (Sr.)

Great-grandfather: steel work business, owner  (Uncle Henry, aka Poppa)

Great-grandmother: Stay at home parent, kept house (otherwise, not sure...)  (Naomi)

Grandmother:  worked as a servant before marriage, stay at home parent once married, did data entry after divorce (keypunch cards)

Great-grandfather: not sure  (Pop)

Great-grandmother: not sure (may have kept a boarding house after divorce?)  (Ahma)

Mom's Side:

Grandfather:  artist, illustrator, draftsman (I found a piece he'd illustrated for Lockheed on ebay once, and got it for my Mom.)

Great-grandfather (Adoptive father):  not sure  (Kem)

Great-grandfather (Biological father):  not sure

Great-grandmother: schoolteacher until marriage, then kept house, I think.  (Grandma Kem)

Grandmother: stay at home parent, kept house; worked for an insurance company after divorce/widowhood.

Great-grandfather: steel worker   (Peck)

Great Grandmother:  stay at home parent, kept house, invested in real estate  (Blanche)

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