Saturday, September 11, 2021

Delagar's Mini-Questionnaire Thingy

 Delagar put up an interesting mini-questionnaire thingy:

1. What did your father's father do for a living?

2. What did your father do?

3. What did your mother's mother do?

4. What did your mother do?

5. What do you do?


1.  Worked in steel fabrication, eventually owning the business.  (His father or grandfather started the business.)

2.  Worked in the family steel fabrication business, mechanical engineer.

3.  When I knew her, she worked for an insurance company.  I think she did data entry type stuff.

4.  My mom was a stay at home wife/mother, mostly, though she worked as a grammar school special ed classroom assistant for a while, and as a secretary for a while.  Before she married, and when she was first married, she worked for the advertising department of the Emporium department store.

5.  I'm a professor of English.

Anyone else up for it?


  1. 1. Father's father - managed a grain elevator in rural Kansas.
    2. Father - worked for the Department of Defense; I was never very clear about what he actually did, although he joked about one of his details having been to serve as "the nexus of the military-industrial complex."
    3. Mother's mother - schoolteacher in a one-room schoolhouse until she got married.
    4. Mother - freelance illustrator
    5. Literature professor, too!

    1. Bonus: Father's mother: ?? (Home-maker?). Mother's father: Professor of physics and astronomy.

  2. 1. Tobacco farmer
    2. Electrical engineer
    3. nurse
    4. nurse
    5. literature prof