Thursday, February 27, 2020

I Can See My Desktop

That's been a rare thing these past few weeks.  Things have just felt so busy that I've had a tendency to put a paper down and then put the next one in a slightly different pile, and then put down a book, and so forth.

But this morning, I took about 15 minutes and cleared it off, put things in files, recycled some stuff, and now I can see the desktop, and it's nice.

I recently read an article about happiness and saw that there's a coursera course on it, and signed up.  I'm mostly a pretty happy person, not manically happy, but pretty happy.  (Especially after a good night's sleep.)  But who doesn't want to be happier?  (Except, of course, being complacent when one shouldn't be complacent, would be a mistake: who wants to ignore racism, homophobia, climate change, flu, or whatever.  So, while thinking about racism makes me unhappy, trying to work against racism is meaningful.  And so forth.)  Because I need more stuff to do...

I feel like there's a lot of different stuff competing for my attention, and (to mix my metaphors), I don't want to drop any of the balls I'm juggling.  There must be good ways to keep track of everything, right?  Suggestions?

Now that my desk is clean, I feel like I can work more effectively.  So that's next up!  (and then a meeting... )

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