Thursday, June 29, 2017


I've been booking a birding trip, theater tickets, train tickets, hotels, and even a symphony ticket.

So far, everything looks good.

I've had a couple of glitches.  My cell phone set up can't call internationally.  But the birding place was kind enough to call me, and then again (after I called my bank to tell them that I did, indeed, want to give money to a Scottish birding company), and voila, I am booked for a week of guided birding (with a group) in Scotland and out to the Hebrides!

I tried to book tickets for the RSC at the Barbican, but got rejected.  And the same for the London Symphony.  So I used the email about the rejections (with my code number), and explained that I couldn't call them.  (I also called my bank to make sure they weren't doing the rejecting.)  And a few minutes ago, someone from the Barbican just called me and we got it sorted out.  (At least, I hope it was someone from the Barbican, because I gave them the credit card information...)

My brother (I'm on his family phone plan) is arranging for my phone to do international stuffs while I'm there!

So far, I'm booked to see two shows at the Shakespeare's Globe (I got seats this time, having stood before), 2 shows at the RSC in London, 1 show at RSC Stratford, and a performance of the London Symphony Orchestra!

I'm spending two days in Inverness between the birding trip and when I need to be at the Abbey.

What else should I book now?

In other booking news, I've almost completely reconstituted my house; yesterday, I put books in place.  Mostly.  Still two more boxes of stuff to unpack, and lots more to put away again.


  1. You know, one of my friends who regularly goes to the U.K. bought a flip phone that has a UK number, so while he's there he can use it and not his US cell phone. It's not as fancy as an iPhone but for regular calling, it gets the job done. He just buys minutes as needed while he's there. If you want to use an iPhone while there, the international plan with AT&T (if that's your carrier) isn't cheap. I mainly want the data, so I can access maps if needed while out in the streets, but I blew through it easily in three days when I went last time. (I got the lowest amount of data at the time.) Maybe you'll have wireless more often than not and won't use your data plan up so quickly.

    Anyway, since you'll be there for a long time, a flip phone might not be a terrible idea.

  2. Also, I still haven't gone to the Sam Wanamaker playhouse. If it's open while you're there, check it out!

  3. FWIW, Verizon just told me that my phone would work when I'm over there and that pay-as-you-go would be cheapest for a light user like me. Enjoy your trip!