Friday, December 30, 2016

Two Movies

I've been to two movies in the past week; that's pretty close to a record for me, since I don't go to lots of movies. 

I saw Fences first, and what a film.  I don't know how I never read the play before, but holy cow, it's powerful. 

You know how people always ask if there's a great American novel or if America can do tragedy?  I think Fences is a pretty damned great American tragedy.  It reveals a core of racism, which is our tragedy.

Beautiful acting, directing, photography.  I really couldn't ask for more from a film.  I sure as heck hope the Oscars won't be so white this year.

Here's an interesting take on Fences  from Black&Smart.

Then I went to see Rogue One, expecting the fun I expect from Star Wars films.  (And noting that the films I think of are the first three out, because I can't remember the prequels, having seen them each once.  But also, I enjoyed the most recent one before this, The Force Awakens.  And, to be honest, not having read any press about Rogue One, I thought it would be a sequel to that.)

Not impressed.  It didn't help that the back of my chair kept getting kicked by a kid, or that another kid had a meltdown in the chair next to me (a surprisingly quiet meltdown, to be sure), and was shortly taken out by an adult (who had come with a crowd of like 5 little kids).

I may have missed things early on (see: kids in theaters), but it took me a long time to realize that this film was supposed to be set just before the first one.  I kept thinking, but Darth Vader is dead, isn't he?  and when are Poe and Rey going to show up?

There were lots of explosions and such, but the humor was pretty weak, and that's part of what made Star Wars films fun; they sort of chuckle at themselves for being space cowboys.

Shockingly, I'm going to see another film this afternoon with a friend, setting an all time record for me for seeing films in theaters within a week.


  1. I saw Rogue One as one of my two movies seen in 2016. As a hardcore Star Wars fan, I knew what the premise was long before I came to the theatre - both where it fit in the timeline and how it was likely to be very different thematically. It is NOT a movie I'd take little kids to see, either. Really not right for them in tone or in storyline!

    Enjoy your movie outings!

  2. I decided to teach Fences as a result of the movie coming out. Unfortunately, it will probably not be in theatres anymore by the time I teach it. Maybe I should do it first, instead... Hm...

    I really liked Rogue One, but like Janice, I had known where it fit in the timeline, and essentially knew what the story was already. It did make me think a lot about the political implications in our current atmosphere. I'll probably blog about it at some point.