Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Day

This is a big one.  I thought there were big ones before, but this seems way, way more important.

I voted a couple of weeks ago, which is legal in my state.  I didn't have problems, but then, I'm a white, middle-aged woman with easy access to legal ID.  And my local city clerk seems to be not crazy.  (I don't know her politics, but what I hear is about making sure everyone has clear information about how to vote and such.)

I drove by my polling place (it's on the best route to work) this morning at about 7:15, and the parking lot was full, and the street parking was close to full.

Vote well, USians; please, please, please vote well.

(I don't own a pantsuit, and none of my clothes are white, but I am wearing a nice blue sweater.)


  1. I didn't feel like I could wear my Love Trumps Hate shirt to work, but I am wearing a Hillary Blue shirt. :) Tomorrow I might wear all white to teach in, or at least a white shirt.

  2. Looks like most of my colleagues had the same idea-- my floor is a sea of blue shirts and ties.

  3. I voted absentee last month and will be watching closely from my adopted home in the north!