Monday, September 12, 2016

Bullet Journal Win?

I got an email yesterday from the new director of the Special Interdisciplinary Program (I'm the Curriculum Committee Chair for the program, and was also last year) asking me about a course we've removed as a requirement of the major and minor.  (It was being taught, unsustainably as an unpaid/uncompensated overload.)

So I remembered that we'd done the discussion and voting on it relatively late in the year, and went through some meeting minutes, finding that discussion/vote on the second try. 

Then I looked at my bullet journal, the one I wrote about starting here (and here's a link to the bullet journal site) for that date, and the dates following.

So that's a win.  I was able to find the action we'd taken in the minutes AND to find what's basically my to do list for that date and the following days.

But, I didn't write it in my to do list.  Since I'm pretty good at putting stuff on there to get me to do it, that means I either totally didn't do it and should have, or that the previous director had said they'd do it (the minutes, alas, don't say; they should).  So that may be a bullet journal loss.  I don't know.

I looked at the on-line curricular forms program, but I don't see it there.  What's further, I don't see other things there that I remember submitting, either.

So that led me to call the office of the deanling in charge of curriculum, at about 8:10 this morning.  The phone got answered, but neither the deanling nor their admin assistant was in (either could probably answer my questions easily).  The admin assistant who answered the phone said they'd have whichever of the two got in first return my call.

I prepped my courses for the day, did the reading I needed to get done.  And now, over an hour later, still no call.  And no response to my email to the previous program director, but that's to be expected since they're back to full time teaching and either sensibly sleeping, prepping, or doing something else useful rather than answering email.

The bullet journal, though.  I don't use it as fully as the site suggests, because I keep a separate calendar and have lots of stuff on there, too.  But I'm really glad I started the system, because it helps me not forget deadlines, and know things are coming up much better than before.  It's especially better for longer term stuff, like when a deadline is a couple months out; I still write it in, with a reminder on the monthly task page, and then I remember, know when it's due, and can start working on it.

I have a colleague who's also a bullet journal person, but hers is way more colorfully decorated than mine.  I'm boring and tend to use just black ink.  But it's still helpful!

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