Friday, August 12, 2016

A World Away

I decided to take a couple days, and drove a long way, to an island in one of the great lakes.  I was only gone for two days, but when I came back, I felt that sort of dislocation in time that you feel when you've been away a lot longer than two days.

I had to take a ferry.  Here's the ferry terminal.

  Like pretty much everyone else with an LL Bean green Subaru, I call my car the "Green Bean."  Here's a top view of the Green Bean on the ferry.
 Home away from home!
 The view from inside my tent, the first day, opening everything up and airing things out.  The first day, it was hot and humid, the sort of humid that has me sweating just standing in the shade.  I went for a good, long walk that first day.
 From my campsite to the beach was about a three minute walk.  This great lake, on this calm day, was beautiful!  Lots of folks were swimming.
 I took a selfie!
 And more walking.

On the second morning, it started raining after I'd had my coffee and breakfast, so I went to the little town.  I spend an hour or more in the local history museum (which was quite good).
 The second evening, it sprinkled for a bit, so I packed everything to be rain/night ready, and headed to bed.  And then it stormed.  I've never camped in the rain, but my tent kept me warm and cozy.  The only leak was in the little pass through (lower left of the tent picture), and that was about a tablespoon of water, all told. 

The thing I hadn't realized was that if you're in a tent in a rainstorm, you're sort of living inside a drum being beat on by hyped up two year olds.  It was amazingly loud!

So, I didn't sleep great.  But now I've had a totally new experience!  In the morning, it was still raining, pretty much, and my camping arrangements don't (yet?) include a covering for eating, so I packed everything in the car, and headed out.

Here's from the ferry headed away.  It didn't stop raining until I was maybe three quarters of the way home.  And it had rained at home, too.

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