Thursday, May 26, 2016

And, Exhale

The term is over!  Well, mostly.

I turned in grades, but still have to go fill out assessment forms.

Why didn't I fill out the forms when I did the grades?  Good question.  On Sunday, I got a call from my niece that she was doing a special concert on Thursday, and inviting me.  And a friend was moving, and ended up needing a whole lot more packing help than I'd figured on.  So, I helped my friend, did my grading, turned in my grades, raced across the Midwest to the concert, and then came back.  My niece did really well at her concert.  She's really an adult now, and a good, kind, thoughtful, smart, caring one.

When I got back, there was news from our one year search in interdisciplinary basketweaving.  We'd passed five names along to the interdepartmental director, and they started calling people.  One of the five politely declined the director's interview because they had another job.  The job's been offered, and we're waiting to hear from the person now, I gather.

If they don't accept, then what happens?  I don't know, but I'm guessing it will be my responsibility somehow.

I offered to chair a search in my own department next fall, and the offer was accepted.  The ad has to be done on our end within the month, so that it can be approved on up the line and be ready to go out at the very beginning of the search season.

I need to make a list and check it twice.

So, of course, I've gotten messages from my mom, asking if I'd turned in my grades yet, and if I were taking time to hang out with my niece and sister-in-law across the Midwest.  Apparently, in her mind, I'm an irresponsible person who barely keeps my job and doesn't do anything much all summer.

I dread the stupid assessment forms.  I guess I'd better look up and see what I have to fill out and for what authority (departmental goes one way, program another, GE another, and if we had accrediting in our field to worry about, that would go another yet); each path, and each form in the path has its own unique set of acronyms.

The other thing I found out when I got back is that two thirds of my colleagues are relatively sane.


  1. That . . . doesn't speak well for the other third of your colleagues . . . if I'm reading properly between the lines.

  2. Your assessment sounds . . . insane.

    And what DEH said!