Friday, April 29, 2016

Fourth Finger

I had a violin lesson yesterday, and began learning how to use my fourth finger (my pinky, since violinists don't seem to count thumbs for fingering the strings).  It's really hard.  Let me say that again, really, really hard.  I have to try to super stretch my hand, and press just on the one string, and it's hard!

So I'll practice, and it will get more do-able, I hope.  Since other people have done it, and since I've experienced learning difficult things before, I'm pretty confident that I can learn this.  Prior experience in life helps.

Last week, Strings took away the tape for my second finger, so all week I was working on trying to get the second finger position right by listening/looking without the tape there.  Strings wants me to focus on the tactical feel, especially when the finger comes down next to the third finger.

Broken thirds and arpeggios are especially hard without the second finger tape.  And now with the fourth finger in play, and broken thirds and scales being especially valuable to practice for the fourth finger, it's all hard!

And so fun.  Did I mention?


  1. You're making great progress! It's helpful when you're doing something fun. :)

  2. You never think you have to strengthen your pinkie, do you? I'm glad you're having such fun!

    1. Right! It gets tired easily at this point. But I'm having good practice sessions!