Monday, October 19, 2015


I'm worried about a student.  The thing is, I know nothing about the student's problem(s).

It's as if I'm watching someone and their bread isn't turning out, and they really need a baker to help because a baker might know how to suggest ways to improve the bread that actually make sense.  But me?  I don't know whether they're using not enough yeast, or not kneading enough, or whatever.

I'm in contact with the folks who are supposed to know about baking bread, and I hope they can help the student. 

But meanwhile, I'm worried because this is way more serious than baking some bread.


  1. Coming on the heels of your last post, I am sincerely hopeful that all will be well. Take care!!

    1. Well -- hopeful might be the wrong word choice. "Hoping" is more like what I meant.

  2. Thank you for noticing, caring, *and acting*. You're part of that student's village in exactly the way that's needed.