Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Ringing

I just had my appointments, and I have mild hearing loss at upper ranges, more in one ear than the other, but not enough to make hearing aids worth while.

And the ringing, they don't know what causes it, and they have no way to make it stop or help it.  They were nice enough about it, but basically said, "deal."  It's probably nothing horrific, and so not worth their worry.  They said I should use background noise if that helps.

I guess it's nice to know the ringing probably doesn't indicate some horrid problem.  Other than that, I feel like I've wasted a couple days of my life, stressed out, and not gotten help.

And now I'm back to work on that project again.  Huzzah.


  1. In case you're looking for an excuse to celebrate, Happy Not-Having-A-Brain-Tumor Day!

  2. Hypatia Cade8:41 AM

    Seriously, background noise and/or white noise in the affected ear does reduce or eliminate tinnitus for some people. It sounds a bit like a charlatan but there are psychological reasons why it can be helpful.

    Tinnitus is also a temporary condition for some people and a chronic one for others... We aren't very good at predicting which category people fall into and we aren't very good at treating tinnitus.

    Is this a helpful link for you:

    (I work in an allied field and one of my colleagues studies this as his primary research area).

    1. Thanks, Hypatia, I appreciate the link.

      I've always found it really hard to read well with much noise, even soft music, so I have some adjustment to do.

  3. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I wish you felt better cared for! (I'm glad, of course, that it isn't anything serious...and also that you don't have the start the whole rigamarole of hearing aids.)

    I have tried SimplyNoise and discovered that water noises are not helpful when I am trying to work. Less authentic sounds are better.

  4. I, too, am glad to hear that it isn't serious. But wow, how annoying! I used to have a white noise machine when Eldest was born. He used to like falling asleep to it. It usually put me out, too. These days, I do a lot of reading with ear plugs in, but that wouldn't help you. Ugh!

  5. Hi Bardiac, great blog! I thought I would de-lurk to say that my mother had a similar problem when she was about 50; her doctor put her on a very low sodium diet, and that took care of the problem. (In case you want medical advice from the wrong kind of doctor.)

  6. I join in on the congratulations for no brain tumor or severe hearing loss, as well as on the commiserations over not having a solution at hand for the ringing in your ears.