Monday, April 12, 2010

You Should Read This

Dr. Crazy has a great post up about the ways we think about education and how we're (as a culture, not you and I) policing teachers as sort of bad mommies. Except Dr. Crazy's take is way better than my mini-summary. So you should go there and read it. << That there is the link.

And then come back and help me think of a strong metaphor for student-centered learning.

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  1. richard11:28 AM

    Maybe a core problem is our reliance on metaphor. Do we have to think about teaching as if it were something altogether different? I realize that metaphor is, in very important ways, how language works, but in this case it seems to me that the search for metaphor is misguided. If, as many people believe, teaching and learning are both very personal, contingent, emergent activities entangled with each other in complicated ways, how could a single metaphor possibly encompass reality?

    Turn it around the other way: do we use teaching or learning as a metaphor for other, very different activities?